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A guided Practice to Personal Sovereignty Grounding. Coming Home to Your Self

Libri Trauma Abuso

Grounding is a fundamental relationship between you and the magnificent, healing energies of the Earth. This natural alliance is necessary to experience being a more fully complete human who continually benefits from the supportive forces of the Earth and nature. Explore the depths of your personal Grounding and take a basic stand for your life to be profoundly alive, successful, healthy, balanced, and to have positive relations with others while living your life on your own terms. What would the Earth be like if we were a race of whole, responsible, Grounded people? Grounding brings increased awareness of your environment, to the forces of nature, to the Earth and its creatures. By being more present, you enhance your personal life and change the world to a place where you choose to participate in a more engaged and committed way. The more Grounded, responsible people establishing a profound intuitive relationship with the healing forces of the Earth shifts the consciousness of the whole. Make an effort to find new references for being in your body on the Earth in a way that is comfortable, stabilizing, healthy, meaningful, loving, healing, empowering and pleasurable. It’ll change your life; it’ll change the planet!

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